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The company

Located right in the heart of Veronese viticulture, Bevilacqua A. and G. began its first nursery productions still in the early eighties, initially to satisfy its plant needs, then gradually those of nearby farms. The company is therefore young, dynamic, directly inserted, also favored by the proximity to the many wine and fruit companies that operate in the area, it grows and expands in symbiosis with the agricultural companies themselves which find an adequate and timely response to their production needs. . The different rootstocks and the slips necessary for the production of the rooted cuttings are directly produced, paying the utmost attention to the agronomic and health aspects. Our cuttings are produced by observing the most modern propagation techniques with the "forcing in water" system in a strictly controlled environment that guarantees maximum safety from a phytosanitary point of view from the earliest stages of production, thanks to the total absence of mold or fungi on the cuttings. We then directly control all the different production and commercial phases and we are therefore able to guarantee both our plants and our rooted cuttings, finding ever greater success. Bevilacqua A. e G. also collaborates with organizations, associations, consortia and other nursery companies in the area to obtain continuous genetic improvement and the conservation and enhancement of the local viticultural germplasm, including the selection of new vine clones. Thanks to the experience gained in the sector, Bevilacqua A. and G. offers selected and qualified rooted vine growers and adequate assistance and advice to better respond to the most rational choices of modern viticulture.

Who we are
... Our professionalism at your service! ...

The technical preparation and our professional experience constantly accompany all our customers who can count on adequate assistance and advice from the moment of planning the plants, providing valuable advice on the choice of varieties and on the cultivation techniques to be adopted to obtain the maximum results from the own investment ...

... For over 30 years we have been participating in your success! ...

Bevilacqua A. and G. for over 30 years has mainly oriented nursery productions to specialized fruit and wine growing realities, offering the best varietal and clonal selections to which are added precious company selections obtained from constant passionate research.


All our plants are grown under strict control of the Regional Health and Phytosanitary Service which at the time of marketing authorizes their Community CAC certification or the more severe Virus-Free certification guaranteeing a high quality of our products.

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