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Fruit plants

We cultivate fruit plants of the best varietal selections grafted onto the various dwarfing rootstocks, intended for the construction of specialized plants, guaranteed by virus-free certification according to Community standards.

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Ciliegio Big Burlat, Giorgia, Adriana, Ferrovia, Lapins, Summit, Kordia, Regina Enrica, Lucrezia, grafted onto:

Colt, MaxMa 60, MaxMa 14, SL64, Piku 1, Gisela 5 and 6

Apricot, Plum and Almond of the best cultivars grafted on Mirabolano 29C

Ancient apple trees of the most cultivated cultivars grafted on M 106, M9 and M 27

Peri oldest of the different species grafted on FOX11 and BA29

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Chestnut grafted several varieties of the European species and Euro-Japanese hybrid

Other plants: Hazel, Almond, Kaki, Rowan, Fig, Medlar, Walnuts, Pomegranates and Kiwi , of the different varieties most cultivated

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