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The pollinator should be planted near female plants: the size of the fruit depends above all on good pollination! For an ideal pollination it is advisable to use one pollinator for every four female kiwi plants, taking care to position it centrally in order to ensure the maximum proximity of the pollen. The pollinator does not bear fruit.



The plant must be supported with sturdy braces in order to support the weight of the canopy. The pollinator does not bear fruit, therefore the winter and summer pruning of pollinating plants is limited to limiting their vegetative development.

Fertilize abundantly.


ATTENTION: the kiwi does not tolerate chemical treatments!



Planting distance 200/250 cm. The potted plant can be planted all year round avoiding periods of frost or excessive drought, it is necessary to work the soil well and clean it from weeds after having prepared the hole free the plant from the pot avoiding breaking the clod and planting it keeping the point grafting on the surface, close the hole using soil mixed with fine earth, support the plant with a brace and wet abundantly. During the winter, carry out adequate pruning and organic fertilizations using products of natural origin suitable for organic cultivation!


RUSTIC AND RESISTANT VARIETY: it does not require treatments.


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